NYC Subways Going Vintage . . .

For every weekend this month, the MTA has teamed up with HBO's Boardwalk Empire to showcase old-time, Prohibition-era trains to their riders aboard the number 2 and 3 trains. The four authentic low-voltage cares (circa 1917) come complete with ceiling fans, rattan seats, drop-sash windows and even a fully-garbed conductor.

As a way to promote the hit HBO series, street teams have also been seen outside of subway entrances handing out single-ride MetroCards to those who want to take a front seat into the life of 1920's Atlantic City.


  1. Johnny K.3:52 PM

    Pair this with an exclusive Boardwalk Empire Yacht Party! Celebrate the return of our favorite Prohibition-era drama series, with a live burlesque performance, blackjack and poker instruction, and an exclusive sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere.

  2. I like the classic look of those trains.