Travelling the Globe with Blue Nest Events

Looking to immerse your guests in the local culture of a destination while still providing top notch service and accommodation at your next incentive or meeting? Look no further than these unique experiences from the most exciting destinations around the globe:


New York City
NYC is a city always on the move. With so many unique facets of the city – from uptown Harlem Jazz to the fashion scene in hip SoHo – the cultural energy is unstoppable.

We can capitalize on this by taking our guests for a private visit to the trendiest bike shop in SoHo. Here each guest will get to ‘try on’ their bike and then take it out on the mean streets of Manhattan. The tour can even be led by the local bike shop owner himself, showing guests a real insider’s peak into the lives of downtown New Yorkers. Following the tour, we take care of shipping the bikes to their private residence or office. These stylish single-speed bikes are a great way to reward your guests and impress them with a unique and lasting gift.


Aboriginal Australia

The Outback covers more than two thirds of Australia, and in remote central deserts the Aboriginal cultural traditions remain strong. Here we have the opportunity to gain an insight into traditional and contemporary Aboriginal lifestyles as you see the land through their eyes.

Much of the Outback is a stronghold for the diverse and powerful art movement that has captured world’s attention. It is here in this setting that we can arrange a visit to a community art center to meet the artists and learn about their work first hand. Guests will then pick up a paintbrush and try their own hand at making a masterpiece, guided by experienced local hands. With each stroke symbolizing a specific meaning in Aboriginal culture, guests will be taking home a piece of the Aboriginal history and a memory for a lifetime.


With so much natural beauty, Iceland is no doubt an incredible destination in its own right. Add to that a crazy 4x4 Super jeep ride through the mountains, followed by an adrenaline filled snowmobile tour across glaciers, finishing with dinner inside a volcano – you’ve got a trip of a lifetime.

With Iceland so central to both Europe & North America, numerous direct flights can get you here in 5 hours or less. 
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